Target Drilling Inc. (TDI) believes that our employees are our backbone. Consequently, the safety and well being of TDI’s employees, on and off the job 24/7, is, has been, and always will be TDI’s primary goal. Satisfying TDI’s goal, TDI can then safely provide a superior and cost effective service and product to its clients, day in and day out, while continuing to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

TDI is a unique drilling company that has been in business since 1995 with headquarters located in Southwestern Pennsylvania providing contract directional drilling services to drill horizontal boreholes from within underground coal mines , and surface horizontals to develop Coal Bed Methane and other unconventional shale gas including the Marcellus Shale and Lower Huron Shale. TDI’s surface or oil field turnkey contract drilling services include providing double (480,000 pounds hook load) and single rigs, all with pull down to maximize horizontal depth, utilizing a small footprint and equipped with compressors, boosters, triplex mud pumps, EM MWD / Mud Pulse MWD systems , downhole motors, mud cleaning systems, etc., and the experienced staff to directionally drill on air, or drilling mud.

TDI also designs and fabricates some of its drilling rigs providing continuous maintenance and repair support staff and local access to critical parts inventory. To increase TDI’s operational cost effectiveness for its clients, TDI also provides in-house rigging and hauling of its drilling equipment.

TDI has developed Surface to In-Seam Horizontal Directional Drilling capabilities to directionally drill Surface CBM wells with coal laterals to greater than 5,000 feet while applying their in-mine coal directional drilling procedures developed to directionally drill horizontal degasification boreholes.

In addition to being successful drilling Marcellus Shale, CBM , and Underground TDI has the capability to design, fabricate, and repair its own permissible electric underground horizontal rigs and can design and fabricate permissible underground rigs for its domestic and international clients.

With the help of its partners, TDI has successfully demonstrated the plugging of over 91 miles of in-mine borehole and surface CBM well coal laterals with polymer gel for safe mine-through.