Surface CBM Recovery Utilizing Target’s Patented
Under-Balanced Dual Well Technologies

A vertical borehole can be drilled from the surface and turned into a horizontal direction upon approaching the coalbed. Once in the coalbed the horizontal borehole can be continued for usually thousands of feet to provide a long collecting system for methane and greater degasification area. Other horizontal boreholes, or laterals, can be drilled off the same borehole section in various directions and patterns to provide even greater degasification and methane capture from the single initial borehole. These boreholes, commonly called Coalbed Methane (CBM) or Coal Mine Methane (CMM) boreholes can be drilled by Target employing its Patented under-balanced technique, either directional drilling "on Fluid" or on "Air-Foam."

Target Drilling's Surface Directional UBD Capabilities

Surface CBM/CMM Recovery Using Surface to In-Seam Slantholes

If coalbeds or gas reserves are not too far below the surface, a borehole can be drilled from the surface on a “slant” between vertical and horizontal and then turned and continue in a horizontal direction once it encounters the target zone. This technique usually provides an economical way to degasify these coalbeds or shallow gas reserves.

-Slantholes provide a means to access low cover coal seams or shallow gas reserves
-Maximizes gas recovery as drilling is done in advance of mining
-Boreholes designed to be horizontal when entering the coal seam or pay zone
-Sidetracking is utilized to keep the borehole in the coal seam or pay zone
-Gas produced is recovered and commercialized

Target Drilling's Surface Directional Capabilities

-Target Provides Turn-key, In-house Directional Drilling Operations By Owning and Operating ALL Drilling, Steering, and Auxiliary Equipment Used on the Job

-Target Can Directionally Drill Using its Turn-key, In-house Capabilities using Air-Foam to Power Downhole Motor’s Specifically Designed for Air Foam Pre-mixed before Injection Into the Directional Drill String


Key Benefits of Target Drilling's Turn-Key Services

-If One of Target’s Owned and Operated Pieces of Equipment Is Down, You the Client, Does Not Get Charged for Standby or Delay Time for Equipment or Manpower

-As a True Turn-key, In-house Directional Driller, You the Client, Deal Day-to-Day with Only One Contractor – Target Drilling